What Is A Payday Advance Loan And Should You Get One?

There are a lot of people who consider getting a payday loan, but you need to understand what this is. You also need to consider if a payday advance loan is the right option for you. There are a number of benefits to getting this type of loan, but there are also drawbacks that you need to be aware of.

What Is A Payday Loan?

Payday loans are short-term loans that have high costs. The loan will generally be for a small amount such as less than $1000. The payment of this loan will generally be your next payday, which has led to the name of payday loans.

There are certain other characteristics which make up payday advance loans that you should be aware of. Many states will have limits on the size of payday loans and $500 is the common limit. The repayment of the loan will generally be a single lump sum payment on your next payday. The due date will often be 2 to 4 weeks after the loan has been made.

Your ability to repay your loan while meeting your other financial obligations will not be taken into account by the lender. This means that the payment of the loan will be taken from your account whether you can afford it or not. It is possible to apply for one of these loans in a payday loan store or online.

Looking At State Laws

When considering a payday loan, you need to consider the regulations in your state. There are some states which prohibit these loans while others will regulate them and others allow them as is. The reason why a state might prohibit payday loans is that the providers of these loans will not conduct business at approved interest rates and fees. If your state does allow payday loans, you will generally be able to find information about them on the state regulator website.

The Dangers Of Payday Loans

While a payday loan might seem like the best solution for any problems that you have, you need to understand the dangers of these loans. Payday loans will generally be high-interest loans which increase the repayment amount exponentially. There are some payday loan providers that charge 40% or more in interest on the loan.

This high interest and high repayment amount can easily lead to a vicious cycle of loans and repayment. This is one of the reasons why payday advance loans are not recommended for those in financial hardship. The fact that your other financial obligations are not taken into account when making payments to the loan provider means that you could spend your entire salary repaying the loan and not having any money left for the rest of your expenses.

Payday advance loans are short-term, high-interest loans which have been prohibited in certain states. If you live in a state that allows these loans, you can find reputable providers on your state regulators website.