Training, Science-Based Benefits of Having a Dog  

Dogs are expensive plus you have to consider puppy training northern virginia, which means besides paying for their food, vaccinations and treats you also have to pay for their training, unless you’ll do the training yourself. Yet despite the seemingly unending list of expenses, it’s quite surprising why millions of Americans still opt to own dogs. Why do you think so? There are tons of reasons why people love dogs. What’s not to love? Dogs offer unconditional love. They are committed and loyal to you and they can be a source of entertainment.

According to science, spending time with dogs is actually good for your health and wellbeing. Studies show having a pet dog is good for your physical and emotional health. If you ask dog owners how they feel, most if not all of them will tell you they feel healthier and happier. Let’s find out the top benefits of owning a dog.

#1 Dogs Offer Companionship Unlike Any Other

Were there moments in your life when you felt lonely? Was there ever a time when you asked to meet up with your friends but no one showed up? Well, dogs aren’t going to ditch you. They can be there for you when everyone else can’t. According to a study done in Australia, owning dogs greatly reduces a person’s loneliness. There was another survey done by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute that revealed 85% of people who interacted with pets claimed to have experienced reduced loneliness.

#2 Dogs Are Beneficial To Your Heart Health

Dogs warms your heart but do you know what else they can do? Studies show that if you own a dog, your blood pressure level will be lowered and you become better at coping with stress. In other words, dogs make you live longer by decreasing your risk of heart disease. The usual cause of cardiovascular disease is stress. Thankfully, dogs are excellent stress relievers so if you want to have a healthy heart, go get a dog!

#3 Dogs Help Reduce Stress

Having a pet greatly reduces stress and eases away your anxiety, tension and worries. Numerous studies have proven time and time again that having pet dogs is a foolproof way of managing stress. Petting a dog also helps lower your heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. According to one study, having a dog reduces your body’s cortisol level (stress hormone). The next time you’re feeling stressed, instead of splurging your money on material things why don’t you just go home to your dog so you’ll feel better.

#4 Dogs Wil Help You During A Psychological Crisis

Do you know aside from making you happy, dogs will also help you cope from a psychological crisis? A study done by the College of Veterinary Medicine in Purdue University found that military veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder did better when they had a service dog. According to the study, veterans developed better coping skills and experienced a dramatic reduction in PTSD symptoms all because of a service dog.

#5 Dogs Motivate You To Move

Before you had a dog, what was your routine? Do you lay in bed all day and watch a movie? People who have dogs tend to walk their dog. They are more active compared to non-pet owners. Aside from bonding with your pet, those long walks you’re taking with your dog are actually good for your health.



There’s no denying, owning a dog offers numerous health benefits. If you’re contemplating about owning one, we recommend you hire a professional trainer to make your life easier. Although dogs are fun, they can also become a source of stress if they don’t behave well. So, if you ever plan to own a dog make sure you train your dog or have him professionally trained.