The Pros and Cons of Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent makeup has really become increasingly sought after among a lot of people. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to wake up looking amazing all of the time? If you are someone that is looking to hop on the trend, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider. Below, we will be discussing some of them prior to making your decision regarding permanent lip liner.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Lip Liner


1. Save Time

One of the main things that people love about getting permanent lip liner is the ability to save time every single morning. A lot of women get this procedure for this sole reason. After all, applying your lip liner every single morning can get old and it can really take up a lot of valuable time that you could be better used elsewhere. By getting a permanent liner, you will be able to wake up much later than you are used to or you can spend the time that you would normally take putting on the makeup doing other things.

2. Consistency

Another major benefit that you get from getting permanent makeup like permanent liner is the ability to maintain better overall consistency. The fact is, you are likely to mess up at some point when it comes to putting on your liner. If you are someone that wants to have a much more consistent look, you will be able to achieve it with permanent makeup. When you are putting it on yourself, you introduce plenty of variables of having it be inconsistent.

3. No Smudging

Another great benefit that comes with getting permanent solutions rather than doing it with regular lip liner is the ability to avoid smudging or messing up your lip liner throughout the day. Even the highest quality and best lip liner are going to smudge at some point. Likewise, if you eat a lot or drink a lot throughout the day, it will generally begin to fade or get messed up. By getting a permanent liner, you will be able to avoid this completely which can really help you look your best at all times.


1. Finding A Skilled Technician

With permanent makeup, you always want to be sure that you are able to find a skilled technician that is going to be able to apply it properly the first time. The process of finding the right technician is much like finding the right tattoo artist. Therefore, this process can be somewhat stressful and time-consuming.

2. Not Easily Removed

With a majority of the forms of permanent makeup, you will not be able to remove it very easily. Because of this, you are generally going to be stuck with what you have for a while. Therefore, you not only want to be certain that you are looking to get a procedure like it done in the first place, but also that you have done your research and like the results that your chosen technician has been able to provide.

Overall, there are plenty of good things to like about permanent makeup and more specifically permanent lip liner. Lip liner is something that can be very tedious to apply each and every morning and by getting it done permanently, you will be able to cut your morning routine down by a significant amount. Along with this, you will be able to wake up having perfect lip liner applied each and every day. As long as you are aware of the potential cons and you feel the pros outweigh them, you will likely find investing in permanent lip liner to be more than worth it.