Our goal is to promote a philosophy based mindset that everyone can use and benefit from. We believe that a contemplative lifestyle is the key to being happier and more productive. The amazing thing about a philosophical approach to life is that anyone of any age, gender, race, or religion can use it to benefit themselves. We want to help everyone who comes through our center calm their mind and let go of their worries, and approach life in a way that is thoughtful. Not only does mindfulness help you live better personally, but it also helps those around you, because this approach will help you be kind to them and build better relationships.

We host many activities at the center to help you learn more about philosophy and contemplative living. These include:

  • Group philosophy classes: We teach basic philosophy classes that cover not only the works of great ancient and modern philosophers, but also methods that help you change your own thinking habits and apply these concepts to your own well-being.
  • Meditation sessions: Meditation is a proven way to help calm your mind and body, so we offer classes to help you learn this skill. We cover many different types of meditation, and let you try them out in a positive, non-judgemental atmosphere.
  • Private life coaching sessions: Our life coaches can help you tackle any aspect of your life more mindfully. Whether you want to get in shape, make the next big step in your career, build stronger relationships, or tackle emotional or personal issues, life coaching can help you. Taking a mindful approach to your problems is one of the most effective ways to solve them.

If you are interested in working with us, send us an email or comment on our social media sites to find out more about our programming!